TCALT- Twin Cities Community Agricultural Land Trust

Volunteers needed! Other ways to get involved:

The Twin Cities Community Agricultural Land Trust is looking for a volunteer treasurer! Please contact tcalt at if interested; TCALT initiatives and the full range of volunteer opportunities are described here.

Upcoming events:

June 21, 3-7pm, Ober Center, 376 Western Ave North: Community Peace Celebration

July 11, 4-7pm, Frogtown Farm Community Celebration


The Twin Cities Community Agricultural Land Trust is a community driven network that provides advocacy, holds land, facilitates and advocates for affordable ownership and/or leasing of agricultural land by growers, and connects stakeholders to resources and education for people seeking long term, affordable land access to grow food.


Our region will have permanent and sufficient land – with a diverse array of land tenure options – for people who seek to grow food and meet the food needs of local communities by using agricultural practices that sustain landscapes. Agriculture and food production will be recognized as a valuable land use and economic engine in our metropolitan region.


The Twin Cities Community Agricultural Land Trust holds that permanent access to affordable land is the foundation of a healthy local food economy, including a commitment to:

  • Public well-being associated with agricultural land use, including healthy soil, air, and water and the use of agricultural  land use practices that sustain this well-being
  • Community empowerment, focusing on equitable access to and control of land and models of land tenure that respect difference, collaboration, and inclusivity

How are we working to achieve this?

History: Read more about how we came to be — and see our current operations plan here.
Board Bios: Find out more about our current advisory board members.

If you are able, please support our efforts by donating here or signing up to share your time here.

Twin Cities Agricultural Land Trust | GiveMN


Recent events:


May 9th 6-8pm: 

Where: 6-8pm Wilder Foundation Room 2520, 451 Lexington Pkwy N, St Paul, MN 55104

Welcome spring with another reading from Emergent Strategy along with reports from our volunteers! More agenda info to come.

April 11th: Volunteering with TCALT

Where; 6-8pm Boneshaker Books, 2002 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Eager to jump into land access work this growing season? Find out how your passion for land access can support the work of TCALT in 2019 and beyond. Join us for snacks and sign-ups for various volunteer projects.

March 14th: TCALT Board Recruitment and Election Process

Where: 6-7:30pm Saint Anthony Park Library (Basement auditorium room)

Learn what it means to be a part of a non-profit board and how TCALT structures our leadership. We launched our board election process and we want you to be on the ballot!

Feburary 14th: Love the Land Party!

Where: 6-8pm at Boneskaker Books, 2002 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Snacks and a storytelling where we shared the ways we love and honor land in our daily and seasonal practices. At 7pm we dove into a reading from “Emergent Strategy” by Adrienne Marie Browne to help inform and root our work on land access in transformative justice.

November 17th: NeighborSpace!

Ben Helphand, director of the Chicago organization NeighborSpace, which helps make public land available as community stewarded green space, visited the Twin Cities in late 2018.
We met on Saturday November 17 from 1-3pm at West Minnehaha Park community center – and toured the key sites we will be discussing (Frogtown Farm, 625 Dale, and some of the green spaces between them) before that.

Our goals for this meeting were to introduce Twin Cities land communities to the possibilities NeighborSpace represents, to explore what might need to be in place for something like that to happen here, and to identify next steps for education and relationship building to get this conversation rolling more actively here. Please see the linked article by Nate Ela and Greg Rosenberg that provides a nice introduction for those who aren’t familiar: page 41 is the start of a case study about NeighborSpace and how it might be replicated elsewhere!

After our meeting, we hosted an informal open house from 4-6pm, with cake and soup, at 245 Cecil St. SE in Minneapolis (the house BEYOND what looks like the last house on Cecil St. SE north of the highway).


Then on Monday, November 19th, we worked with St. Paul Parks to host a lunchtime brownbag lunch for land professionals that was very well attended, and we are following up over 2019.


At the TCALT annual meeting, we hosted a food-land policy workshop, sharing case studies across three states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Kansas.

The August 7th pre-conference workshop for the Urban Food Systems Symposium was free and open-to-the-public case study exchange between Minnesota (TCALT), Wisconsin (Global Land Alliance / Troy Gardens), and Kansas (Douglas County). (Noon showing of Arc of Justice, program from 12:30 – 3pm at Saint Paul Fellowship Church Hall, north of the Victoria Greenline stop.)

Martin Bailkey came from Madison (Troy Gardens, and the Global Land Alliance) and Helen Schnoes came from Kansas to join several Twin Cities hosts (including Valentine Cadieux, Stephen Carpenter, Lebo Moore, and others from the Twin Cities Community Agricultural Land Trust and collaborators), gathered for the occasion of the Urban Food Systems Symposium.

Our goal for our afternoon workshop on August 7th was to present core features of our work on access to land for food production near population centers in the context of metro / regional / statewide healthy food efforts, comparing efforts to support land access and policy change conversations — across three states with similar contexts, including vibrant regional food systems encouraging shifts to more supportive policy frameworks.

Shared themes include:

  • connections between efforts to secure access to land for growing food and for affordable housing
  • process of connecting policy makers and communities around land management for food uses (space for dialogue about solutions: examples include urban ag rules including new tax rules, farmers market)
  • figuring out what aspects of policy context need to be better understood for effective action

2 Responses to TCALT- Twin Cities Community Agricultural Land Trust

  1. Jim says:

    When is the next meeting?

    • August 7, 12-3pm at the Saint Paul Fellowship Church, 868 Sherburne Ave., on Victoria, in the block north of the Victoria greenline stop on University; BBQ to follow, 3:30 – 5:30pm at the Aurora Saint Anthony Peace Sanctuary Garden, 851 Aurora Ave, two short blocks south

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