TCALT- Twin Cities Agricultural Land Trust

We want permanent access to quality land for food producers in the Twin Cities Metro. We advocate for a region that has permanent and sufficient land – with a diverse array of land tenure options – for people who seek to grow food and meet the food needs of local communities by using agricultural practices that restore landscapes. Agriculture and food production will be recognized as a valuable land use and economic engine in our metropolitan region.

How are we working to achieve this? 

Why does TCALT matter?

The Twin Cities Agricultural Land Trust holds that permanent access to affordable land is the foundation of a healthy local food economy, including a commitment to:

  • Public well-being associated with agricultural land use, including healthy soil, air and water
  • Community empowerment, focusing on equitable access to and control of land in ways that respect difference, collaboration, and inclusivity

Our guiding principles and values include:

  • Long-Term Land Access
  • Community-Based Local Food Economy
  • Equity and Justice
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Value of Farmers and Growers
  • Public Benefit
  • Community-Based Process

History: Read more about how we came to be.
Board Bios: Find out more about our current advisory board members.

If you are able, please support our efforts by donating here or signing up to share your time here.

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