TCALT Non-profit status achieved — just in time for GiveMN day : )


The Twin Cities Agricultural Land Trust received 501(c)(3) nonprofit status this month — just in time for the annual day of giving! We have much to be grateful for — for example, for our organizational hosts and mentors, the City of Lakes Community Land Trust, where we will continue to be housed. And we look forward to three pilot projects shaping up in the year ahead:

  • working with Farmers’ Legal Action Group to secure North Minneapolis land for gardeners,
  • building a mentorship process with cities that have already undergone some of the sea changes in community agricultural land that the Twin Cities are now undergoing,
  • and working with the Urban Farm and Garden Alliance to build a learning network between gardens demonstrating the public benefits of their long term food production practices.

In order to support these projects, we are launching a fundraising campaign to hire a part time project manager. This will make it easier to volunteer with us — and will make our support more coherent and constant for these projects. We are excited to be making a difference in building equitable food land access and grateful for all the work that is building this access — and we would like to ask you to consider donating to get these projects up and running: Twin Cities Agricultural Land Trust | GiveMN

About tcaglandtrust

We are an organization working to achieve stable, long-term access to land in the Twin Cities area for growing and distributing food within the community-based food system. Originally known as the Land Access Working Group, we have been working since 2009 to identify strategies for achieving land permanency for farmers and gardeners.
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