City of Lakes Community Land Trust

  • Experience holding/ buying/ developing land and working with homeowners within the land trust
  • Experience being a land trust, willingness to share that experience
  • Familiarity with the process of selling and buying land in Minneapolis
  • Relationships with people connected to buying and selling land in Minneapolis
  • Commitment to community ownership and advocacy, experience with stakeholder-led board of directors

Farmers’ Legal Action Group

  • Experience working with family farmers (both urban and rural) providing legal services in order to keep farmers farming
  • Familiarity with farm related laws
  • Relationships with farmers and community advocates

Gardening Matters

  • Familiarity with land access issues facing community gardens, today and historically
  •  Experience connecting gardeners to each other, developing gardener leadership, and providing resources and connecting gardeners to resources
  •  Relationships with over 200 community gardens, and increasing numbers of urban farmers in the Twin Cities Metro area
  • Experience with policy issues facing community gardens, especially in St. Paul and Minneapolis, as well as advocating for community gardens in these settings
  • Have had many research conversations about a potential land trust and long term land access solutions

Land Stewardship Project

  • LSP membership has articulated that long term access to land for urban agriculture is important to them for many reasons, and they are willing to work on solutions.
  • Have had many research conversations about a potential land trust and long term land access solutions
  • Relationships with gardeners, urban farmers, and community advocates
  • Experience organizing for and winning grassroots policy change with rural farmers and residents

The Minnesota Project

  • Successful urban farming and food system related programs and relationships, including Planning for Food Security in Two St. Paul Communties and Fruits of the City and the Urban Farm Incubator
  • Relationships with urban farmers, gardeners, and community advocates

Trust for Public Land

  • Experience with real estate transactions large and small, as well as working with both private landowners and public agencies
  • Familiarity with wide variety of land trusts across the country, different sizes, purposes, ways of holding land
  • Experience working with community gardens, urban agriculture, and land acquisition in the Twin Cities

Kingfield Farmers Market

  • Experience with land access as a farmers market
  • Connection to other farmers markets and market managers in the area

Perspectives and input from The Minneapolis Foundation, and McKnight Foundation:

  • Connection to resources related to urban agriculture and land access
  • Familiarity with people and organizations working on related issues
  • A funder’s perspective

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